iPlus Lase and Periodontal Surgery

We Use the Safest, Most Advanced Technology to Make Your Periodontal Surgery Comfortable

When you need laser gum surgery as part of your periodontal disease treatment plan, you want the experience to be comfortable, safe and effective. That is the reason Dr. Lisa Murray and her team trust the ultra-revolutionary The WaterLase iPlusTM Laser. It is the dental tool that is designed with our patients’ well-being in mind.

Untreated Gum Disease Causes Irreparable Damage

Untreated Gum Disease Causes Irreparable Damage


When many people hear they require laser gum surgery, they worry that the procedure will be painful. This can cause them to delay scheduling appointments, which only worsens their periodontal problems. The longer gum disease is allowed to progress, the greater the risk that the individual will eventually lose teeth and bone, not to mention seriously hurt his or her chance for optimal health.


Dr. Murray and her team recognize that periodontal disease treatment is often viewed in a negative light. Therefore, they do everything they can to make the procedure as easy as possible, including using The WaterLase iPlusTM during the course of laser gum surgery.

The WaterLase iPlusTM offers superior results for those who need treatments to complete surgical procedures such as cleaning perio pockets, dealing with progressive gingivitis and performing gingival troughing. Created to be different than other dental instruments on the market, The WaterLase iPlusTM holds a clear advantage over less-advanced tools. These benefits include:

  • A wavelength laser pulse that has been shortened to be 200 times faster than other lasers available to dentists. Shorter pulses translate to less time for the laser to irritate the gum tissues during periodontal disease treatment.
  • Water spray generates less inflammation, less pain and promotes faster healing.
  • Laser wavelength targets gum tissue without contact, heat, vibration or pressure, resulting in minimal patient discomfort.
  • Laser tips that are disposable. Each patient gets a new tip to support proper hygiene.

Safe Versatile Effective

Look Forward to Your Dental Appointments Thanks to The WaterLase iPlusTM Laser from Biolase

Even if you have been hesitant to visit the dentist in the past, we urge you to try periodontal treatment using The WaterLase iPlusTM. We are sure that it will change the way you approach your dental health, and will give you a renewed sense of confidence when you see the amazing results.